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We teach people to code, connect AI enthusiasts with each other, and connect them with businesses.

Our online courses teach users AI development from the ground up.Whether you’re a complete novice or an advanced developer, our courses are a fun and interactive way to learn and understand AI development. You’ll jump straight in to playing bot vs. bot games, learning how to improve your code so that your bot performs better.

Users are paid in tokens for completing online courses – we call this “earn as you learn”.

The core of AIGaming is our online bot vs. bot gaming platform.You can code a bot using our online code editor and get playing straight away. Make improvements to your bot to increase your win rate and climb the leaderboards. We also have tournaments and special events with extra prizes.

You’ll pay in tokens to enter games, and if you win a game, you’ll be rewarded with token. You don’t need to buy any tokens though – you’ll be given them when you sign up, and you can earn more by completing courses and other challenges.

Businesses that have real-world problems that may be solved by AI can submit these problems on the platform, for users to solve.If you choose to participate in a crowdsourcing challenge, you’ll be rewarded in token. The crowdsourcing customer makes micropayments to each developer that helps to solve the problem.

Employers pay in token to access our recruitment platform, and users who participate in the platform are given a share of token.The blockchain acts as an immutable record of your AI gaming history, providing an online resume of skill level. All completed courses will also be shown, as well as tournament wins and crowdsourcing participation.

Participation in the recruitment platform is voluntary.

Users are encouraged to create specialised AI agents, or “bots” that offer services for other bots to employ via our Bot Service Marketplace.

If you upload a bot into the marketplace, you’ll be paid micropayments of token when another user utilises your service.

Our Games

The platform revolves around bot vs. bot games.

Travelling Sales Drone

Objective: calculate the shortest direct route (as the drone flies) between a list of coordinates.

Predictive Text Game

Objective: decode our sentences and put the correct two letter words in the correct places.

Sliding Puzzle

Objective: calculate the shortest direct route (as the drone flies) between a list of coordinates.

Noughts & Crosses

Objective: beat the bot in a classic game of noughts and crosses!

Microsoft Cognitive Challenge

Objective: Utilise the Microsoft Cognitive Services API to recognise text and phrases in our difficult to read images.

Warehouse Logistics

Objective: a real-world problem in which your bot must plot the optimal route around the warehouse.


Objective: the classic naval combat game, try to protect your own fleet whilst annihilating your opponent.

Twist Cube

Objective: rotate the pieces of the cube until each face contains squares of a single colour.


Objective: can you find your opponents hidden peg sequence before they find yours?

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